Self Assessment / Joyce Discussion

1. What was your role in the small group discussions? What did you add to the group?

As for official role i don’t think anyone really had anything assigned. Our group basically read everything than if we had any comments/questions we mentioned it when we were all together. I added insight from some of the goddesses/gods referenced and spoke more about the points I thought was important to not only my paper but to my group as a whole.

2. How would you rate your performance in the large group discussion? Why?

I would rate myself a B because as much as I tried to remain focused I was distracted by everything that was going on in the room. Also whenever Mr. G would look at me I became nervous and even if I had something to say I didn’t in fear I would say something wrong or that didn’t fully make sense to anyone besides me. Lastly I didn’t feel I gave a complete 100% I gave about a 90%. Also I am not trying to blame Mr. G for my proformance, I should be over that by now!

3. Out of all the discussions, what were the two most insightful observations that you gained from the discussion, and who made those points?

One observation that stood out to me was how Stephen isolated himself from everyone feeling art was his only true way to express himself without sin which was originally said by Chris O but repeated afterwards. Secondly, Mr. G saying that the reading we are attracted to is only because we have a connection, whether it is attraction, curiosity, or real life experience.

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