I use to BE your SHORTY!!!!!

I use to LOVE when you called me your shorty
It let me know the i knew u down to a "T"
Even more when you held me in your heart so near
And you whispered sweet nothings in my ear
Nothing could explain our LOVE
How free it made me, like a dove
When i was in tears you held me in your arms
When I was scared you held me to keep me from all harms
I've always tryed to to stay by your side
Just to prove I down to ride
Sadly, that has all changed now
I'm left sayin "WoW"
You took your LOVE away
Lord knows I don't feel the same way
I want you back wit me
So that you can show me when you remember when you used to brush my hair
We were so close that we breathed the same air
Maybe me-n-you are one in the same
And you miss me too, but your playin a wack-ass game
I remember that very first night
How everything felt so right
I'm slowly feeling that way again
Lately, redoine the way we begain
I'm starting to feel that o0o so0o great bliss
That bliss I felt after our first kiss
You make me complete, make me a whole
Not being with you for so long Just makes a huge hole
But just remember...

That Shorty was me
That shorty is me
Anything for you
Just ask, I'll do
Cuz like it or not I'm your

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